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Online Resources for Talking to Your Kids about COVID-19

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Resources for Parents

PBS: How to Talk to Your Kids about the Coronavirus
Advice and videos to help communicate and relieve anxiety and stress.

Supporting Youth during the Coronavirus Outbreak from Southbay Families Connected
Resources for parents and kids to communicate about the virus and reduce anxiety and stress.

Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus from the Child Mind Institute
Advice for parents about discussing the virus in an age-appropriate way.

Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus from Good Housekeeping
Advice for parents about discussing the coronavirus.

Talking to Children About Covid-19
Guidelines, talking tips and more to help parents and kids.

Tips for Caregivers, Parents and Teachers During Infectious Disease Outbreaks
Fact sheet providing caregivers, parents and teachers with strategies for helping kids manage their stress during an outbreak.

Resources for Kids

BrainPOP Course for Kids about the Coronavirus
Helps kids understand the virus with videos, interactive activities and more.

Hand Washing Experiment 
Teaches kids the importance of washing their hands to prevent the spread of germs.

The Yucky Bug by Julia Cook
Video that helps kids understand sickness, it's affects and how they can stay safe and prevent spreading it.

Activities to Reduce Anxiety and Stress in Kids 

20 Activities Elementary Kids Can Do For Emotional Health

Ahway Island Podcast
Helps teach kids self-regulation and calm.

Guided Meditation for Kids 
Video to help kids in guided meditation to reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

Ideas to Help Your Family Destress During the Coronavirus

Kindness Videos
Inspiring videos of people doing random acts of kindness.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Video for kids guiding them how to relax.

Videos that Promote Mindfulness and Movement from Go Noodle

Yoga, Mindfulness and Relaxation designed for Kids 3+